Food value


All theese seeds which are used for making cold-pressed oil almost have the same properties. They contain essential fatty acids, which are necessary for the human body. They are all rich in energy and are source of proteins, minerals, vitamins. They increase the immunity system, improve the brain activity, maintain the normal weight and the most important thing, are very delicious and healthy.


The sesame seeds contain valuable antioxidants such as the sesamol and sesamin, as well as other strengtheners of the immune system, sterols, which are transferred in an unchanged condition from the seeds into the oil through the procedure of cold pressing. They also contain significant quantities of vitamin E, an important antioxidant.

The sesame oil is stable and does not spoil easily. The sesame oil, as well as the seeds, is used in the oriental cuisine for preparing halvah. In Turkey for the first time, a sesame paste was produced, called tahini, obtained by crushing sesame seed. The sesame seeds are rich in magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron. In countries where it was cultivated in ancient times, it was considered a healing food, which may slow down the aging process.