Food value


All theese seeds which are used for making cold-pressed oil almost have the same properties. They contain essential fatty acids, which are necessary for the human body. They are all rich in energy and are source of proteins, minerals, vitamins. They increase the immunity system, improve the brain activity, maintain the normal weight and the most important thing, are very delicious and healthy.


Sunflower, which originates from North America, has been used throughout history for increasing the energy and as medicine. The American Indians used it, among other things, as a diuretic, in case of constipation and for improving their eyesight. Since recently, the sunflower seed is recommended for people who have high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, and sometimes helps in reducing allergic reactions.

The sunflower seed contains high quantities of vitamin E (50 mg / 100 g), which is a good antioxidant and is very important because of the polyunsaturated fatty acids it contains. It is a good source of different minerals: Ca, P, Mg, Na, K and Fe, as well as vitamins, especially the B-complex and vitamin A.