This oil is combination of cold pressed sunflower oil(70%) and extra virgin olive oil(30%). Fila sunflower oil is extracted from the highest quality seeds. In the process of cold pressing, the temperature does not rise above 45°C, so all the natural valuable ingredients are kept in this oil. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which is not removed in the process of extraction.

It does not contain preservatives or other additives. Olive oil is natural product derived from the olive fruit, which retains all the biologically valuable and nutritious ingredients. In all the Mediterranean countries, where the widest population thinks in terms of healthier living, the use of olive oil is frequent. This oil is a superb seasoning, an excellent ingredient in various meals, especially salads. It is very stable and has a long shelf life. This oil is from the most famous area in Greece for production of premium quality olives- Kalamata.

100 г производ содржи просечно:
Енергетска вредност 3968KJ/884kcal
Вкупно масти 100g
Од кои:
мононезаситени 45g
полинезаситени 45g
заситени 10g
Витамин Е 32мг
Диететски влакна
Витамин А
Витамин Ц