Ingridians: 100% sesame seed

Integral sesame is a 100% pure product. Contains a high percentage of oil (50 %). Integral sesame can be use individually, dipped in yogurt or milk, or as a dietary in meal of muesli. Frequently used as an ingredient in various bakerysuch as breads, cakes and similar.Integral sesamecan add in cereal, protein shakes and similar.Having a neutral taste, so you can use it for differenttaste of food.

It should be kept in dry and cold place, away from direct sunlight.

Country of originof the sesame: India.

Нутритивни податоци
100г производ содржи просечно:
Енергетска вредност 2360КЈ/565Kcal
Вкупно масти 49,5г
Од кои:
мононезаситени 19,8г
полинезаситени 22,3г
заситени 7,4г
други масни кисел. <1%
Протеини 19,7г
Витамин Е