siječanj 2015


Sunflower, which originates from North America, has been used throughout history for increasing the energy and as medicine. The American Indians used it, among other things, as a diuretic, in case of constipation and for improving their eyesight. Since recently, the sunflower seed is recommended for people who have high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, […]


Hemp is a commonly used term for varieties of the Cannabis plant and its products, which include fiber, oil, and seed. The seed of the hemp plant is a small, soft oily nut, surrounded by a thin transparent inner layer and a hard shell. Raw shelles hemp seed is one of nature’s perfect foods-a Super […]


There exist at least 30 varieties of walnut cultivars. The three popular verities grown for the commercial purpose are the English or Persian walnut, the Black walnut, and the White or butternut walnut. After plantation, the tree takes approximately four years until it produces its first major crop. During each season, the fruits are ready […]


Hazelnuts are produced by hazel trees, which grow in temperate climates in many parts of the world, although they are native to Europe and Asia. These spherical brown kernels have a bold and smoky flavor that can add an extra kick to the taste and texture of your food. In addition to being a tasty […]


Domestic almonds are said to have first appeared during the Bronze Age, between 3000 and 2000 B.C. and were mentioned in the Bible as well. The benefits of almonds were well known in Greece and Italy prior to the Christian era, as well as in classical Shakespearean writings. Almonds are off-white in color, covered by […]


The rapeseed was firstly produced in Europe in the 13th century. It became popular in North American during the World War Two as a lubrication source. Back then it was rarely used as food for animals and humans, the reason was its bitter which was due to the high level of glucosinolates. The varieties of […]


The sesame seeds contain valuable antioxidants such as the sesamol and sesamin, as well as other strengtheners of the immune system, sterols, which are transferred in an unchanged condition from the seeds into the oil through the procedure of cold pressing. They also contain significant quantities of vitamin E, an important antioxidant.
The sesame oil is […]



Потеклото на ова растение е од Јужна Америка. Постојат податоци дека древните Инки го користеле во нивната исхрана. Кикириките се необично растение кое влегува во групата на легуминози. На кикириките веднаш по цветањето семката им паѓа во земјата и останува таму се додека не созрее.

Ова овошје е богато со масти и протеини. 100 гр. кикиритки […]


The first olives were planted more than 6000 years ago and since then have been highly valued in nutrition, medicine and cosmetics. Because of its beneficial properties, the olive oil is also called “Mediterranean gold”.
The olive is mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of peace and good intentions, but also of life and hope. […]


The fruit and the seeds of the pumpkin have healing properties. The pumpkin seed contain high percentages of oil (up to 50%), in which the essential fatty acids dominate, which the human organism can not produce by itself. Also, the pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, E and K, and […]